Hole & Corner

Hole & Corner 16 The Nest Issue

Hole & Corner is dedicated to celebrating stories of dedication related to contemporary craft and design, sustainability, art, travel and food. It reflects a growing interest in authenticity, provenance and a desire to reconnect with the world around us.

For the Nest Issue, Hole & Corner’s thoughts turn to home: showcasing the best in finely crafted product design, textiles, interiors and architecture. These include exclusive interviews with RIBA Stirling Prize-winning architect Alex de Rijke, street art gallerist Steve Lazarides, pioneering estate agents The Modern House and artist Sue Skeen. Elsewhere, Maureen Doherty of Egg and her architect, Jonathan Tuckey, discuss the changing demands of the ‘home-office’, while we ask renowned influencers, creatives and makers to share their most treasured objects and inspirations for the home.