Homoculture Volume 1

Current Issue (Volume One):

Homoculture Volume One trains a uniquely global lens on LGBTQI creativity and experience. Exploring some of the world’s most fascinating queer tribes, from America’s Radical Faerie movement to trans* activists in Africa, from a LA Latin art-bear collective to the delirious East London drag divas who work Glastonbury Festival. We meet Rose Wood, New York’s doyenne of extreme cabaret, controversy-courting Russian artist in exile Slava Mogutin and the legendary London club kid, model and muse turned singer-songwriter (and our cover star) Roy Brown. We profile talents including Brazilian choreographer Jean Abreu, German fetish documentarist Jan Soldat, avant-garde Japanese performance artist Takao Kawaguchi and many more.

Our first artist’s residency features the prolific Jacob Love, contributing a gorgeous photo essay and bespoke artworks, while the feted novelist Jonathan Kemp reveals a new short story.

Seriously queer, Homoculture seeks to reclaim from assimilationist encroachments a sacred space where we can explore the spirit, truth and fun of our community’s rich difference. Not for nothing have many ancient and non-Western civilisations revered our innate non-normativity as a near-supernatural gift. We enthusiastically concur, and this volume is our invitation to all queers, dykes, fags, bis, trans, inters, undecided and others to connect, commune and set free their highest selves.