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Church of London

Huck 74

In times like these, the act of making something happen for yourself has never felt more urgent. Our latest print instalment celebrates doing just that – spotlighting the people moving to transform their worlds for the better.

‘Action’ has always been at the heart of Huck.In the early days, the mid-noughties, that relationship was perhaps more literal. The magazine was born out of surf and skate culture: our first eight cover stars, for instance, came directly from those worlds. While, back then, Huck involved itself with all manner of topics, the rebellious heritage of action sports remained the constant thread.

As time went on, the publication evolved in conjunction. Huck’s tradition was never in question (again: surf, skate), but its connection to those core scenes – those core ideas – became more tangential. As attitudes, they became vehicles through which to navigate new corners of culture. So physical action became political action, social action, creative action, and so forth.

You get the point. What I’m trying to say is, it seems strange that we’ve managed to go this long without dedicating an entire magazine to the notion that has long helped bind everything together. Because in times such as these, the act of getting up and doing something – of making something happen for yourself – has never felt more urgent.