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Huck Issue 70

This issue is about celebrating strength in the face of adversity – sharing stories of defiance in a world falling apart.

On 27 May 2019, ‘burnout’ was officially recognised as a medical condition by the World Health Organisation. It confirmed what many of us were already painfully aware of: a stress epidemic is engulfing society.

But it’s not just the workplace that’s wearing us down. Political turmoil. Climate change. Fragile economies. Technological dependence. Divisions that show no signs of eroding.

In the face of those anxieties, our 70th issue is inspired by the spirit of survival: a unique set of stories about the drive to overcome forces bigger than ourselves.

Inside This issue:

As Tame Impala, Kevin Parker plays the world’s biggest stages to one of the most devoted followings in music. But four years on from the last album, and with fans growing restless, he’s still grappling with an all-consuming creative process – one that means pushing himself to new extremes.

As creators of the dystopian series Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have mastered the art of depicting society at its most anxiety-inducing. But when it comes to the future, the pair aren’t ready to panic just yet.

Rae Smith grew up not realising she was born intersex, leading to years of emotional upheaval where her true self was kept secret. Then she found skateboarding, inspiring her to carve out space for others on the margins.

At the age of 15, Simon Burstall made two discoveries that would change him forever: photography and raves. Now, having trawled through a trove of material from his wildest years, the Australian has uncovered scenes from a subcultural oasis – and a turning point in his life.