JRNY Issue 2

JRNY is a new travel magazine, dreamt up in a pub in Basingstoke in 2020.

With many major travel publications disappearing, and global travel and adventure shut down for much of the last two years, Kav Dadfar and Jordan Banks created JRNY magazine to give talented travel writers and photographers "an opportunity to do what they do best - inspiring a sense of adventure that we all share."

The 250-page first issue won Travel Magazine of the Year at the Travel Media Awards, and now they are back with issue 2. From now on, this will be a biannual publication, 180 pages of incredible photography stories from extraordinary places "that will have you reaching for your passport."

Issue 2 journeys to  Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Haiti, Austria, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt as well as Ireland and the Isle of Wight.