Dear Damsels

Let Me Know When You're Home

Dear Damsels is a publishing platform for women's words and stories. They've been going since 2016 and publish a yearly magazine, host events and even have their own podcast, all aiming to share the words and voices of women from all walks of life. 

Let Me Know When You're Home is their first book - a collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry exploring female friendships.

"What is it that makes female friendship so special / complex / intense / important / messy / supportive / essential?

From growing up together to growing apart, from the oldest of friends to the fake ones, our relationships with other women can be our greatest loves. They can also be difficult, elusive and the source of our deepest heartbreaks.

In Let Me Know When You’re Home, fifteen women writers look at female friendship in all its forms, in a collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry that is both a frank exploration of these relationships and a true celebration of what women can achieve with the support of each other."