Like The Wind

Like The Wind #33

Like The Wind is a quarterly magazine for runners by runners. In each issue they collect stories and experiences from around the UK and around the world. 


From the publisher

Issue 33: As runners, we know that our sport creates a space for us to stretch our bodies and minds, but running also gives us a chance to examine where and who we are. The 33rd edition of Like the Wind travels the world once again, finding and curating stories about what it means to be a runner in 2022.

Acclaimed photographer Alexis Berg trains his lens on the Hardrock 100... in the Swiss Alps, Pasqual Bourquin tells Like the Wind’s creative director Julie Freeman about his mission to run all 66,000km of the country’s signposted trails...Art historian Charles Moore examines the challenge of the marathon from the perspective of a Black man...Lucie Beatrix shares the story of how she swapped life as a runway model for the exploration of her own personal limits through running...Carl Adams opens up about how running changed his sphere of influence from one of drinking and gambling to training and self-improvement...taking part in running events when you identify as non-binary...the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc (UTMB),

Whether you’re on the trails, the track or the pavements of your neighbourhood, we hope this issue inspires you to run, or to share your story with us.