Like The Wind

Like The Wind #34

Like The Wind is a quarterly magazine for runners by runners. In each issue they collect stories and experiences from around the UK and around the world. 

From the publisher

In issue 34 of Like the Wind, we examine the power of connection and community for runners and in running events around the world.

We’re roadside for the London, Toronto and Berlin marathons, soaking up the buzzing, confetti-drenched atmosphere of run crews’ cheer zones, boosting marathoners as they dig in for the tough final kilometres. We look back at how London’s legendary “Mile 21” started and trace the shared ethos of – and ongoing connection between – run crews around the world. Plus we visit The Outrunners, a crew, club, charity and youth outreach programme based in east London that focuses on making sure no young person is left behind, whether in life or on a run.

Meanwhile, journalist Lela Moore meets adaptive athletes looking for equity in competitive sport. She shares stories about individual determination and shared endeavours, the creation of communities and how the sport of running accepts adaptive athletes.

PS: for each tree that is used in making the magazine, we will plant 3 trees. We’re doing this via Active Giving who are partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project. We’re also donating 1% of every sale paid by credit card to the Stripe Climate Pledge – which funds carbon removal projects.