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Little White Lies #101

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly film magazine combining great design, beautiful illustration, and journalism to bring you great movies and the people behind them.

In the issue

Lead review: Poor Things
Savina Petkova picks apart the subtle psychological core of Yorgos Lanthimos’ literary picaresque.

The Modern Prometheus
Hannah Strong explores the epic adventure of Poor Things’ production and creation with director Yorgos Lanthimos.

Wild Nights with Emily
Hannah Strong lauds the multifarious, awards-garlanded career of the actor Emily Jean “Emma” Stone.

Art and Craft
Leila Latif conducts a round table interview with the creative heads of department on Poor Things.

Strange Frequencies
Marina Ashioti takes a trek into the past to explore the winding cinematic roots of Greece’s so-called “weird wave”.

The Wicker Woman
Will Sloan charts the journey of erotic screen empress Emmanuelle across a continent of sequels and spin-offs.

Free Brochure: Red Light / Green Light
Catch the diverse line-up for the first annual festival of radical cinema from inside the system.