Lodown Magazine The Simple Life Issue

Jan-Feb-March - 2022

Lodown is a contemporary arts and pop culture magazine made in Germany.


The Simple (Life) Issue was conceived by the Lodown team as an antidote to the exploitation and opportunism they saw during the pandemic. 

As they say" It's bursting with off the cuff visual grandeur, floating off into your subconscious and beyond while delivering a colorful slice of life to prove that things still feel free for those who dream."

This issue includes:

A discussion with Mike Mills, the film director, about his career and new film C'mon C'mon.

An interview with Swedish artist Lisa Vaccino.

A look at the consciously bad drawings of London artist James Jarvis.

Plus lots more look at art and artists including: EVAN HECOX, ROB JABBAZ, RYAN SZULC, DANIELE VITA, ARTHUR LONGO, JULIEN BABIGEON and more.