LUNCHEON is a free spirited biannual magazine blending art, fashion and food.  Each issue is structured like a menu, with mini apertifs and long lunch style conversations with artists, writers, photographers and chefs across all generations, sharing their views and insights on life, art and food. 

A selection of features from the Autumn-Winter 2022-23 issue...

Cigarette breaks by Cary Kwok, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Rottingdean Bazaar, Alfie Benge and Robert Wyatt for the Luncheon menu pages running through the magazine. 

An Ode to Issey Miyake, scent bottle photographed by Irving Penn in 1992 and Joan Armatrading photographed by Snowdon in 1986

Chips, Cheese and Curry Sauce by Josefine Skomars and Lars Brønseth

Seven Works by artist Pablo Bronstein

A Poetic Conversation between Mustafa the Poet and Adrian Joffe

Inspirations by artist Tai Shani

Fawley Bottom: John and Myfanwy Piper by Tom Hanbury

Quick Note: There are different covers for this issue.