Mslexia 88

Issue 88 features top authors Sarah Hall, Nikita Gill, Sarah Moss, Rachel Holmes, Jill Dawson, Kate Clanchy and many more.

As usual, the magazine is full of creative inspiration, practical advice and original poetry, fiction and memoir – as well as our unique listing of over 120 writing competitions and submission opportunities, plus lots of online workshops, courses and events.

Here’s a taster of some of the contents:
Back to the Fifties: Debbie Taylor analyses the results of our ‘lockdown survey’ – and discovers women writers split into two dramatically different groups by their domestic duties

What’s happening in cosy crime? Julie Vuong talks to specialist agents and editors and highlights latest trends in this bestselling genre

Cat woman: What can a 1970s filmmaker can teach a 2020s historical novelist about plotting? Stacy Halls explains

Novelist Sarah Moss explains why she has written and abandoned four novels – and why she sees this as a good thing

Acclaimed playwright and tutor Margaret Wilkinson spells out how to go about plotting a play

Self-publishing guru Debbie Young looks at how to self-publish and sell novels for children

Award-winning YA author Laura Steven was terrified new motherhood would undermine her writing. She explains how she made sure it wouldn’t

The Mslexia Interview: Melissa Benn talks to cultural historian Rachel Holmes about women’s rebellion, resistance and continuity in political thinking

Showcase: Sarah Hall and Ingrid Jendrzejewski introduce the winners of the 2020 Mslexia Short Story and Flash Fiction Competitions. Read the winning entries along with insights into our judges’ thoughts about the submissions.

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