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Narrowboat Winter 2021

Narrowboat is the leading magazine for Canal and River History in the UK. Full of archive photographs, Narrowboat explores the rich history of the waterways and the people and industries that depended on them.

In this issue: 

Working the waterways in the freezing winter of 1893
A look at the history of the Derby Canal
Canal pictures from the 1940s
Exploring the working rules of the Grand Union Canal Company

From the publisher:

Front Cover: 
An independent boatman contractor’s boat loaded with house coal and stranded far from habitation after a heavy overnight frost looks idyllic, but for the working boaters struggling to keep going and make an income it was far from that. A long trek might have been necessary just to acquire food. At least there is the coal to keep warm - although not too much could be used or the owner of the consignment would complain of short-weight when the cargo was eventually unloaded at the destination.