New Humanist

New Humanist Autumn 2023

New Humanist is a quarterly magazine of science and culture. Filled with intelligent and thought-provoking essays and reportage on climate, technology, equality and more. 

Autumn 2023

The future needs you

As floods, fires and soaring temperatures threaten millions across the globe, we explore what morality demands of us in the battle for the future of people and planet.

The power of unpopular protest - Historian Ken Worpole unearths what today's climate protesters can learn from the pacifists of the Second World War and international climate lawyer Farhana Yamin explains why she decided to take drastic action for what she believes in.

Stopping the superbugs - Oxford University researcher Tess Johnson says there is still time to stop the catastrophe of antibiotic resistance, if we all play our part.

Plus reportage and opinion on Andrew Tate, the Barbie movie, why we should have the right to wild camp and how Turkey came to abandon its secular roots.