New Internationalist

New Internationalist Issue 523

The question of who can move – and settle – is becoming core to all political struggles. As the cruelty inflicted on unauthorized migrant travellers reaches new heights, we unpick the exclusionary border rules that have brought us to this point. In the collection of articles below, we take a deeper look at borders, how they are policed and how they are crossed, regardless. We ask, how did we get here? And look into what it might mean to abolish this system entirely and build something new.

Inside this issue:

The failed promise of liberal democracy - Nanjala Nyabola reflects on the ongoing cries of a discontented world.

Speak out: solidarity with people on the move - A network of solidarity exists among and alongside those who move, and stay, without permission. Hazel Healy profiles three..

The interview: Kate Raworth - As ecological collapse looms, our growth-at-all costs economic system urgently requires a different vision. Renegade economist...

Ireland's invisible frontier - The threat of Brexit has caused great anxiety about the return of a ‘hard border’ in Ireland. Yet it’s minority communities who...

Has Extinction Rebellion got the right tactics? - Few argue that the mass movement to combat inertia on the climate crisis has a point. But is it going about it the right way?...