Pics and Ink

Oceanographic Issue 36

"About the ocean. For the ocean...Oceanographic Magazine uses beautiful photography and captivating storytelling to transport both the wonder and plight of the ocean into people’s homes. It is a magazine that aims to bring our blue planet to life, to connect and inspire."

About this issue:Discover The Galápagos Islands, surrounded by one of the wildest oceans, where climate change and tourism have started to impact this rare wildlife refuge.Visit New Zealand's Fiordland National Park with its underwater forests, as scientists work to understand how marine heatwaves could threaten this unique site. Journey to Raja Ampat and learn how local communities are living in harmony with nature to preserve marine life for the future. Find our what is being done to protect the rarest species of mammal, the Mediterranean monk seal, off the coast of Madeira. Enjoy a Q&A with award winning ocean and nature photographer Craig Parry as he seeks to connect us with the natural world through his photography.