Pirates Ahoy!

Oh Magazine Issue 60

A leap can often feel like a bold thing – a brave beginning that leads to some epic adventure, but the little leaps matter too – the daily kindnesses, the happy habits, the small gestures. In this issue, we explore the many different ways in which people have sought to move forward, even when there was no one to guide the way. Sometimes their leap has been akin to a thoughtful side-step, and at other times, a seismic shift that changes everything. Throughout this, our Midsummer issue, we find that change can be a comfort, and how when the questions we ask are just too complicated for easy answers, making peace with the nuanced possibilities brings hope in a whole new way instead. From getting up early each morning to go for a walk in any weather, to writing the children’s book you’d always wished to read, we learn that a small first step becomes a big leap too in its own way. Wherever yours may lead, we’re happy to be by your side.

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