Origo Journal 1

Origo Journal is a beautiful new zine from Origo Restaurant in Kanazawa, Japan. Located in a traditional merchant house, Origo is run by chef and photographer, Matteo Alberti. Through running the restaurant, Matteo has become interesting in researching local and traditional ingredients, many of which are sadly under threat. 

Origo Journal is a way of highlighting these traditional foods and processes. Each issue will tell a story of the craftsmanship and artisans who keep these traditions alive. Issue 1 is the story of Makiburi, a Japanese method for drying yellowtail fish that originated in the 1600s and is still being done the same way by a handful of specialists. The issue takes you from the sea to the table. 

Large format, on luxury paper and hand branded with a 1,000 year old stamping technique called Hanko.  

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