Orlando No.2

Orlando is a huge, sumptuous magazine from Italy, celebrating literature, art, culture, music and anything that inspires and delights be that artisan Parisian perfumeries or classic line-drawings of Pinocchio.

The magazine is also constructed like a hotel. As you travel from the restaurant, to the spa, the hotel rooms and even the garage, you'll meet different hotel 'guests' from contemporary artists, designers, musicians and actors, to winemakers and artisans.

Each issue is also inspired by a classic work of fiction and issue 2 is guided by Virginia Woolf's Orlando.  "Switching from male to female genders, throughout the centuries, Orlando seeks to come to an understanding of himself and of his deepest nature. This mission of his is as long as a lifetime, an eternal lifetime in which the sensation of completeness comes about as a result of having lived various lives in both sexes."

From the publisher:

'In this Issue we have interviewed many fascinating artists, like the international designer Patricia Urquiola, the visual artist Nadia Kaabi Linke, the famed graphic designer Louise Fili, the Italian tenor Francesco Meli, the plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto and the New York artist Richard Saja.ers photographer Kreetta Järvenpää, the magic illustrator Elisa Seitzinger.'

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