Orlando No.3

Orlando is a huge, sumptuous magazine from Italy, celebrating literature, art, culture, music and anything that inspires and delights be that artisan Parisian perfumeries or classic line-drawings of Pinocchio.

The magazine is also constructed like a hotel. As you travel from the restaurant, to the spa, the hotel rooms and even the garage, you'll meet different hotel 'guests' from contemporary artists, designers, musicians and actors, to winemakers and artisans.

Each issue is also inspired by a classic work of fiction and issue 2 is guided byOscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Beauty, art, immortality, pleasures, the transience of life, art for art’s sake, conscience.

From the publisher:

'Among the personalities interviewed in the current issue: the artist and designer of the last Olympic torch Tokujin Yoshioka, the revivalists of the ancient dominoterie technique, founders of the atelier Antoinette Poisson, the author of food books Mimi Thorisson, the refined design studio Campbell-Rey, the queen of the hotellerie Marie Louise Sciò, the magical illustrator Iacopo Bruno and many others, told through the unusual and passionate gaze of our editorial staff.'

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