Orlando No.5

Orlando is a huge, sumptuous magazine from Italy, celebrating literature, art, culture, music and anything that inspires and delights be that artisan Parisian perfumeries or classic line-drawings of Pinocchio.

The magazine is also constructed like a hotel. As you travel from the restaurant, to the spa, the hotel rooms and even the garage, you'll meet different hotel 'guests' from contemporary artists, designers, musicians and actors, to winemakers and artisans.

From the publisher:

'What you will be having the opportunity to read inside this issue, dear reader, will lead you from a geographical discovery, to an astronomical one, to one that is more interior and to one that is solely artistic. We commissioned Orlando’s unique constellation map to Bellerby & co Globemakers and our imaginary island, where the Orlando Hotel is located, to the artist Natsko Seki.

The myth of Pandora inspired our editorial and our beloved Short Art Movie. 

Among the artists interviewed: the brilliant Ignasi Monreal who worked with the one and only Alessandro Michele, the conductor Lorenzo Viotti, the mise en place photographer Celine Oh, the Sardinian-American design duo Pretziada, the multifaceted Gaia Trussardi and many others.'

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