Pfeil Magazine

Pfeil Magazine 13 - Mother

Within the format of a magazine, each page of Pfeil represents the floor, walls, or ceiling which together create an imagined room displaying a printed exhibition. Each issue is dedicated to a specific word, and artists are invited and given space to work on and with this term, and to construct or deconstruct the architecture around it. Combined, the contributions transform into an organic display surrounding the leitmotif.

In the 13th issue of Pfeil, dedicated to “Mother”,we explore alternative family structures and how responsibilities of parenting might be shared; prevailing working conditions for mothers in the arts; difficulties, challenges and prejudices mothers face in their professional lives, and what an ideal work environment might look like. Simultaneously, this issue deals with disappointments and unfulfilled expectations in the mother-child relationship, and again at that relationship in the social context. We picture the past and the present in the process of envisioning what maternity could look like in the future.

Meet the Maker - Anja Dietmann

The idea of Pfeil stemmed from the search for exhibition places during my art studies in Hamburg, Germany. Instead of displaying in a fixed room, we decided to create a printed exhibition in the format of a Magazine, which has been published since 2012 by Montez Press.

As the editor, I work not only on editing different pieces, but my tasks involve as well curating and practicing art. Through the magazine I see an opportunity to create a discussion between the artists and the readers.

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