Positive News

Positive News #109

Positive News is dedicated to bringing you uplifting current affairs. This quarterly mag scours the globe for news stories, ideas, organisations and initiatives that are changing the world for the better, and we could all use a bit of that sometimes, eh?

Inside issue 109 April-June 2022

Cover story: Reinventing the high street

Big brands moving out, pandemic closures and online shopping have hit high streets hard. But they’re not dead, just in flux. We uncover the ways that retail centres are being reimagined to better serve their communities, and the climate.

Other features include: How to become news-resilient • Beyond donations: other ways to help Ukraine • Quitting high-carbon careers to work for the planet • The world’s largest urban garden • Prescribing comedy lessons to trauma survivors • Community-owned power • Planting orchards in prisons • Making steel sustainable • The magic in noticing small things • Ethical flowers