Positive News

Positive News #111

 It's the Eleventy-first issue of Positive News, the quarterly magazine dedicated to good journalism about good things happening in the world. Inside you'll find stories about positive social and environmental changes around the world and the people making them happen. 

From the publisher...

Cover story: Mark Rylance: The activist actor on trauma, therapy and his solution to cancel culture

Mark Rylance is acclaimed as the best stage actor of his generation – and he’s as committed to social justice as he is to Shakespeare. But, as he opens up about trauma, addiction and grief – processed through a transformative decade of therapy – what interests him most in life now, he tells Positive News, is “more acceptance of the darkness”

Other features include: The cities solving homelessness • Indigenous leaders winning victories for the planet • Britain’s first wealth redistribution advisory firm • Michelin-starred chefs on their love of microwave cooking • Lily Cole’s life lessons • The power of breathwork