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Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters Issue 19

Pressing Matters is a quarterly mag celebrating modern printmaking. Each issue visits artists and studios doing incredible things and finds about their work, their inspirations and why they do what they do.  An uplifting delve into the world of printmaking. 

From the publishers:

Whether it’s happily wandering around the imaginary worlds of Jonny Hannah or taking a moment to admire the hypnotic prints of Ingrid Ankerson, printmaking can act as a kind of refuge – a safe place to absorb creative ideas and process your feelings through ink and paper.

In this issue we hear from a diverse group of makers – one creating from a studio in a windowless basement, another working from a war-torn country – finding ways to bring light from the darkness. Whatever your situation, we hope you keep on rolling and sharing your art and ideas with the world – it will no doubt brighten up someone’s day and that means so much right now.

Ingrid Ankerson • Nicola Cliffe
Todd Drake • Stephen Ellison
Georgia Flowers • Oli Fowler
Kevin Garrison • Jonny Hannah
Black & Green Insert Challenge
Stanley Lane • Katja Lang
Louisa Loakes • Nick Loaring
Sarah Maker • Fabio Marangoni
Marigold Plunkett • Printmaking for Ukraine • Tosin Oyeniyi
Marija Staneviciute • Drew Steinbrecher • James Weinberg

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