The Resurgence Trust

Resurgence & Ecologist Issue 342

Resurgence & Ecologist is a trailblazing magazine published by The Resurgence Trust, offering positive and progressive perspectives on the most pressing issues of our time. Hope-inspiring and informative, it explores environmental and social justice, nature, ecology, food and farming, ethical living, spirituality and the arts.

Issue 342 January/February 2024

"Our theme for this issue takes us straight to what feels like the pages of a book of fairytales, but these are tales with a serious message of hope, enchantment and purpose. From a poetic ‘ode’ to a humble fern to the enchanting story of a dress made entirely from nettles, we explore ways to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. We look at the oft times dark path to enchantment and learn how the human psyche craves meaning. The invitation here then is to lose yourself in an uplifting theme that will take you to the edges of your own imagination and hopeful visions for 2024."

Highlights this issue include:

  • Our Life is Here: David Buckland
  • Unexpected Enchantments: Paul Evans
  • The Story of the Nettle Dress: Dylan Howitt
  • A New Consciousness: Andrew Harvey
  • Poetry: Quiet Wildfires
  • Radical Landscapes: Anna Souter



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