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Resurgence & Ecologist Issue 345

Resurgence & Ecologist is a trailblazing magazine published by The Resurgence Trust, offering positive and progressive perspectives on the most pressing issues of our time. Hope-inspiring and informative, it explores environmental and social justice, nature, ecology, food and farming, ethical living, spirituality and the arts.

Ocean glories 
Issue 345 July/August 2024

The July/August issue is about celebrating and protecting the marvels of the ocean, sharing stories about people taking action to halt its destruction. You'll find conversations with marine biologists about the mysteries of the ocean, an excerpt from Jonathon Balcombe's What a Fish Knows, and Caroline Lucas' Another England,and ideas for how you and your family can get involved in protecting our oceans. Plus wisdom from ancient root gatherers, musings on love and nature and much more.