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Seed Magazine

Seed Volume 4 Spring 2022

Seed is a bi-annual magazine with sustainability and the natural world at its heart. Beautifully shot and printed on heavy paper it is a minimalist, clean and contemporary feel.

Volume 4 Spring 2022 Community

From the publisher:

Wild Swimming:
In the UK, wild swimming groups sprung up around the country, with many braving icy temperatures to experience not only the health benefits and improved mental wellbeing but the bond that unites those willing to take the plunge. 

Engaging with Nature:
We share how best to grow your own tomatoes or make seed bombs to sow a wildflower patch or meadow at home. We also consider the effects of the choices we make daily: how sustainable is our morning cup of coffee and how can we lower its environmental footprint.

The World's Healthiest Communities:
What lies behind their increased longevity and happier, healthier lifestyles. And celebrating the importance of being conscious of where our food comes from, we also share simple, seasonal recipes with a focus around reducing food waste.


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