Sidetracked Volume 11


144 Pages

Cover 300gsm uncoated FSC approved

Text: 120gsm uncoated FSC approved + coated section

Weight: 560g

Price (RRP) £10.00 GPB

Issue Number: 11

Release Date: 14th February 2018


In Sidetracked Volume 11 we explore the ephemeral relationship between water and light that Ray Collins seeks each time he jumps in, celebrating the sun rising over the sea, and follow an arduous and dangerous journey of scientific discovery within the unstable abyss of an active volcano with Aldo Kane.

Alienor Le Gouvello encounters tropical storms, flash flooding and extreme heat as she three wild horses along the spine of Eastern Australia, being almost defeated by a single bloodthirsty mosquito. We travel with Sarah McNair-Landry for 1000km across Greenland via kite skis, kayaks and packrafts, and gain an insight into the mental determination and resilience required for a long distance expedition with Johnny Wild as he recounts his 5,000km Scandinavian traverse.

We journey to Suriname’s jungle rivers via piragua, ski the receding glaciers of Uganda, and surf the remote waters of British Columbia’s outer coast in search of solitary aquatic perfection.

We continue to present endeavours from a global group of adventurers, writers and photographers all looking to challenge the truth and beauty of the world which surrounds us.