Sidetracked Volume 28

Released three times a year, Sidetracked is a journal of incredible tales of endurance, adventure and exploration accompanied by stunning photography of some of the most remote and extreme places in the world.

Sidetracked Volume 28

Always a little further: This volume of Sidetracked explores the edge between success and failure. In ‘Cold Comfort’, Lena Drapella shoulders responsibility for the first time on an Antarctic sailing voyage. In ‘The Beautiful Flight’, Tim Howell obeys his gut instinct and turns around high on the mountain. And in ‘Together’, Fay Manners tells the powerful and moving story of her friendship with Line van den Berg – a friendship tragically cut short when Line was killed in an avalanche.

Failure and loss can cost us much, but sometimes there are intangibles that we gain as well. Humility, acceptance, perspective, determination, motivation, experience. This selection of stories asks what happens when we are confronted by incomplete objectives, unmet expectations, and tragedy – but there are success and beauty here too.


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