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Slightly Foxed

Slightly Foxed 75

The independent-minded quarterly that combines good looks, good writing and a personal approach.Slightly Foxedintroduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal. Good-humoured, unpretentious and a bit eccentric, it’s more like a well-read friend than a literary magazine.

Autumn 2022

In this issue

Galen O’Hanlon does like to be beside the seaside • Marianne Fisher learns the elements of style • Christopher Rush meets Miss Jean Brodie in her prime • Ysenda Maxtone Graham enjoys a housewife’s wartime diaries • Sue Quinn celebrates English cooking • Anthony Wells hopes against hope • Isabel Lloyd takes a walk in the woods • Brandon Robshaw opens a box of delights • Adam Sisman witnesses a Martian invasion, and much more besides . . .

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