Slightly Foxed

Slightly Foxed 82


The independent-minded quarterly that combines good looks, good writing and a personal approach.Slightly Foxedintroduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal. Good-humoured, unpretentious and a bit eccentric, it’s more like a well-read friend than a literary magazine.

Summer 2024

Sarah Wedderburn meets an unusual therapist • Justin Marozzi salutes the founder of the Mughal Empire • Anne Theroux has a difficult meeting • Grant McIntyre goes in search of The Right Stuff  • Jane Feaver is touched by a small family • Trevor Millum finds love at first flight with Frances Hodgson Burnett  • Richard Smyth packs his binoculars • Sarah Langford decides the answer lies in the soil  Tom Hodgkinson gets into deep water • Frances Donnelly hears Chinese whispers, and much more besides . .