Strong Words

Strong Words Issue 29

Strong Words was launched in 2018 by Ed Needham, the multi-award winning former editor of various magazines including Rolling Stone.  It’s for people who love books, love reading about them, and need an entertaining, useful and reliable source of suggestions as to what to read next, without feeling as if they are doing homework in the process.

Published nine times a year, it covers new fiction and non-fiction in depth, including biographies and memoirs, history, photography, graphic novels and cookbooks. There are over 100 titles in every issue. It has developed a fanatical following who can’t get enough of its witty enthusiasm and its utter refusal to admit blurb, cliché and academic jargon. Strong Words is the magazine that leaves every reader saying, “That’s the book for me.”


Inside issue 29:

Non fictions reviews include 'Panic as Man Burns Crumpets' - a career press man's take on the end of regional journalism; The 'Anglo-Saxons: A History of the Beginnings of England,' and 'The Cure for Good Intentions,' a female doctor's memoir.

There's also a round up of '10 Glorious New Novels' including 'The Sweetness of Water' by Nathan Harris,' and 'veryone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead,' by Emily Austin.

Elsewhere, there's a breakdown of the thirty most powerful tools of a blurb writer, 'how to write 'Catcher in the Rye' as well as graphic novels, crime fiction, autobiographies and cookbooks.