te editions

te No.2 Song of the Nightingale

te editions is an annual bilingual journal of contemporary art and cultural anthropology. 

It takes its name of the Hokkien pronunciation of 'tea' thought to be the earliest global world. This sense of the fluidity of ideas and cultural practices around the world runs through the mag. 

This second issue explores the idea of sound and how it is used to protest and create change.

Inside, you'll find a story on the Myanmar coup and how the people protested first by beating pots and pans and then, when that became dangerous, through silence. They also look at how music is used in protest, from the Atlantic slave trade to social injustice in Taiwan, and how the nightingale's song became a symbol of pastoral England in the face of the war in the 1940s.  

Fully bilingual, te uses essay, art, fiction, photography and primary sources from around the world.