Terrible People

Terrible People #5 Youth

Terrible People is an indie mag started in the London College of Communication. It's a satirical look at awful behaviour and awful people. Keeping it light and whimsical throughout, they nevertheless manage to address the possibility of thinking differently and examining our own behaviour along the way.

As well as regular sections like 'Unrecommendations' (things you definitely don't need and shouldn't want), a section on bizarre and ridiculous customs from around the world, and a sarcastic look at today's society (cancel culture, immigration, common sense and racial bias to name a few), each issue also spotlights one 'terrible' thing in particular.

In issue 5, they turn their attention to the Youth, 'those so-called lazy, good for nothing teenagers, who don’t get their asses off the sofa.' Inside they tackle the comeback of Y2K fashion, dating on social media and Instagram face.