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The Dilettante Issue 3

The Dilettante began life as a broadsheet zine in Nottingham. It's now a 100 page magazine of 'creative culture and riveting history.' Inside, they tell stories of artists, eccentrics and rebels, both past and present, who have put their creative stamp on the world. 

You'll find a mix of history, art, humour and whimsy. The Dilettante is for " creative outcasts and artists, culture magpies and lifelong learners, history enthusiasts and dabblers, and anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. "

From the publisher:

Issue three of The Dilettante Magazine is here! In this edition we've taken a trip back to the turn of the 20th century to La Belle Époque Paris and Britain to see the art, characters and wonders that took place.

• The Marchesa Casati • La Belle Époque • Le Chat Noir • Hilma Af Klint • Gnomes and Ornamental Hermits • Myrioramas • Absinthe • The Exposition Universelle of 1889 • Aubrey Beardsley ...Plus all of the usual favourites including Miss Onion's Exquisite Finds • Creative Confabs • Agony with Professor Elemental • Mystic Pickles • Classifieds • Vernacular Spectacular and more!

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