The Idler

The Idler 82

From the publisher: "The Idler was launched by Tom Hodgkinson back in 1993 with the intention of providing a dose of fun, freedom and fulfilment in a busy world. We're now a bi-monthly journal, and in every issue you'll find an enthralling mix of interviews, essays on the good life, history, philosophy, arts coverage, beautiful photography and original illustration. You'll find much to laugh at and much useful stuff as well, from Modern Toss to recipes for making bacon and guides to beekeeping.
If you've ever felt that there's more to life than boring jobs, then why not join us? The Idler is a cheering read that makes you feel better about life."

Inside issue 82:

Things to do after dark
Inside American 'Work ethic' camps
Punk band, 'Big Joanie' on why punk is for life
The joy of not being bothered
The peculiar habits of Dr Johnson

Plus, philosophy, music, art, style, books, sheds and beekeeping!