The Jungle Journal

The Jungle Journal Vol. 1

An online platform and annual journal covering a different part of the world each issue, looking at themes around the environment, global cultures, ecosystems, past and modern histories, indigenous activism, and reflections

The Jungle Journal’s first print issue will bring you to Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba.

Exploring our pages you’ll know the story of the coming of age of a Venezuelan Refugee in Peru, you’ll travel along the history of Mesoamerica and you’ll move into the deep of the Lacandon Jungle in Southern Mexico. Also we will talk about the archaic revival of weaving and textiles in Peru or one man’s journey to reclaiming his Quechua culture.

We’ll have a plant medicine discussion with a Peruvian Shaman, we’ll explain the process of the tobacco production in Cuba and, we’ll research the deforestation in the Brazil’s Amazon rainforest and also we’ll bring to you food recipes, interviews, and personal reflections.

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