The Pottering Artist

The Pottering Artist Issue 8

"An Aladdin's cave of painterly fires up my imagination"

The Pottering Artist is the magazine from artist and instructor, Alison Fennell. Based in South Wales, Alison teaches painting and drawing in person, through her website and on her Youtube channel (voted in the top 50 art tutors in 2019 by Buzzfeed).

"I work in watercolour, pastel and ink and my indie ad-free magazine focuses on how to perceive, draw and paint for pleasure...The magazine offers a rich, intimate and frank account of how I perceive, draw and paint in the hope that it will help others on their artistic path."

Inside this issue:
Summer 2022 "Presence"

  • Tilly's Top Titles - indulge your love of reading with reviews on art, creativity and lifestyle books
  • Watercolour Woodland Sprite Demo
  • Tao Te Ching Philosophy
  • Colour Crossing - Harness the power of complementary colours
  • Barmy for Beach Huts - Palette Generators & Pastel Demo
  • Feeling Your Way with Faces - A Value & Design Approach
  • Framed by Foliage - Creating Simple Watercolour Counter-change
  • Resource Rummage - Glassine paper and charcoal powder
  • Why do People Paint? - Therapeutic & Creative Benefits of Art
  • Fingerbobs & the Fun of Felted Puppets
  • Shoemaker as Folktale Archetype & Pen and Wash Shoes
  • Dream doorways & powerful portals - Where will a doorway take you?
  • Loafing Locations - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA & Painting from the Past
  • Tales from Terrier Cabin – Chapter 4

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