The Simple Things

The Simple Things Anthology Volume 2

The Simple Things Anthology No 2

If you love spring mornings, autumn afternoons, winter evenings and summer nights then this companion guide is made for you.

Over 256 glorious pages, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite dishes, weekend projects and gardening ideas for each season, then mixed in expert advice, beginner guides and fascinating collectors. All in one beautiful book that will be as at home on your coffee table as it will in your kitchen.

In constantly changing times we hope this anthology reassures and calms as well as prompts you to create. And, most of all, provides a cheery reminder that life is good if you remember to slow down a little, enjoy what you have and make the most of where you live.

Editor’s note: These features are selected from The Simple Things’ 2015-2017 issues (31-66), curated by the Editor, Lisa Sykes, each article has been redesigned and updated. This is our second anthology volume, the first (which is on sale here) included the best articles from 2012-2015, none are repeated in this new volume.

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