The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 114 December

JOY – Anytime cake & cheeseboard nibbles – Making a gingerbread house – Britain in snow – Novelty socks & hanging stockings – How to tell a good joke – Festive rites of passage – Homemade wreaths & Stollen bites – Appreciating long winter nights – Enjoying family traditions – The spirits of Christmas – Brussels bhajis & turkey biryani


December is more than a feast of cake and candles, twinkly lights and tipples (though, of course, we love all of the above too). Christmas-time is what you make it; from the first Quality Street through to the last carol, Advent is up to you. What we recall from previous years and hope for again are those moments of magic that move us and become part of our treasure trove of memories. Often it’s laughing and talking, giving and sharing, helping and supporting that are as much a part of what feels good about Christmas as making a wreath for your door and baking goodies for your table. Choose to do what you enjoy the most, the best times are usually about doing less not more. And if you’re feeling the pressure (especially after many of us had very different festivities last year) then taking time to write a could-do list for your happy place Christmas could just be the gift you always wanted.

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