The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 121 July

TASTE – Edible flowers & counting butterflies. Small wonders. Sunrise swimming. Peach cobbler & lemon basil spritzers. Blue space thinking. Good weeds & garden dens. How Nagomi helps. Railroad adventures. The case for vitamin G. How to be a one-hit wonder. Ice dyeing & watermelon lollies.

A taste of something is simply about dipping your toe in, getting a sense of whether this could be for you. Whether it’s eating flowers for the first time, travelling somewhere new, getting up at dawn for a swim or trying a bold paint colour on your walls, it involves stepping outside our comfort zones and that’s not always easy.

But the rewards are most often worth it – we get the chance to be satisfied with a job well done, produce something ‘proudly homemade’ and gain confidence in our new skill or bright summer print. And the downside? Well, not much really, as you only gave it a go, so now you understand just why aubergine, puff sleeves or scuba diving is not your thing.

Life is richer when we are braver and make room for a little adventure. And don’t worry about whether others appreciate your own tastes; everyone’s different and that’s what makes us human. Maybe if we judge others’ taste a little less and instead embrace those differences, we’ll have our eyes opened to new ideas. That first taste could give us an appetite for so much more.

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