The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 123 September

LEARN – Outdoor pan pie & homemade blackberry jam. Discovering the secret of secrets. Seed paper & seaweed prints. How the Shakers made our kitchens. Nasturtium pesto. Doing a day off well. Mason jar sangria. Small tins of treasure. Becoming a borrower. Appreciating ripe tomatoes. Homestead wisdom & life lessons from the Famous Five

September can go either way; for some it’s a month of clarity with the return of routine, work and study. While others take the opportunity to travel after the holiday crowds have gone, or at least make sure summer’s laid-back vibe lingers as long as possible. However your month pans out, there’s a new year feel to this time – we make plans and our urge to learn something is strong. Even the beginnings of a project or the booking of a course are satisfying enough – The Simple Things’ team stepped outside their comfort zones and took on everything from woodwork to water sports to inspire you this issue – but learning doesn’t always need organisation. Ensuring your curiosity is ever present, just waiting to be piqued and keeping an open mind, means everyday learning is all yours. When we chastise ourselves for heading down rabbit holes that divert us from the demands of the to do list, there’s a flip side; that distraction could lead to a brilliant idea, a chance encounter or a new path. Learning doesn’t always come in the classroom.

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