The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 127 January


STAR - Night skies & toasty blankets. A feeling for ice. the art of Nordic wintering. Slow cooked spiced cider. Board game gatherings. Slices of citrus sunshine. How to do less, think better. Why we love mittens. Latte art. Fairer ways to travel. Cat cafés & arm knitting.  

Houseplants, hot drinks, wool, citrus and a good book are the shining stars of January. They bring us solace, nourishment and joy when sometimes it's hard to summon up the optimistic start a new year demands. As the holidays draw to a close and real life intrudes, we're told to list our goals and make plans to achieve them. Instead, maybe use this midwinter hiatus to reflect on the past year, appreciating the good and understanding the bad - it may equip us better for the life ahead. Reaching for the stars isn't only about aiming high and leaving your comfort zone behind. At this time of year, it can mean leaning on those everyday guiding lights we so often take for granted; a wintery scene outdoors, a cosy project or a warm fire inside can lift our spirits more than a list of resolutions. Stars can't shine without the darkness, but they are also not just found in the sky. 

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