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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 130 April

Think of the stories your wooden spoons could tell; the cake mixtures, bread dough, buns and scones, not to mention soups and stews – it’s a utensil that’s made for food to share. Slow food where there’s time to ponder as you stir. Baking is not an everyday activity for most of us so there’s a sense of occasion to getting out the spoon, big bowl and ingredients, a sense that it is worth taking time over. And bringing a cake to the table always creates a stir. However it turns out, it’s a talking point and much appreciated. There are other ways to stir things up a little too, and spring, when we’re full of energy and intention, is a good time to allow fresh ideas to flourish, to stray from your usual paths. You might discover a new author, take on a challenge, find an unexpected thing of beauty or wear something different. There’s a message in that humble wooden spoon; go on a journey and stir your soul.

STIR – Pink lemonade cake & Easter pie. Help for hedgehogs. Not buying new. Wonder-filled wanders. Radical women & radish slammers. Indigo alchemy. Embracing cakecasions. How to make your mind up. Sunday Roast Italia. Dungarees. A year of wild food. Cat haikus & counting chickens.


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