The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 131 May

LEAF – Dandelion frittata & spring slaw. Flowerpot foraging. Feel-better breathing. Modern folk. Mayflies, cuckoos & magical hedgerows. Coronation catering. Why we love clogs. Do-it-yourself dairy. How to hang out. Backyard Kleftiko. Bento kit project. Outdoor kitchens. Battenberg cake & beer gardens

What’s the best thing about May? The spring flowers, the long, light days or the warmth that promises summer is coming? But why pick one when, actually, they are all part of the natural cycle that underpins life – the bursting forth of new leaves and shoots, which take sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create oxygen and energy and enable other life to thrive. Who says science isn’t beautiful? Ancient hedgerows, copses, woods and their inhabitants are part of the fabric of our rural landscape, while our urban back gardens replicate this patchwork of habitats – and the most humdrum plot can look beautiful in a shaft of spring sunshine. If you’re more of a leaves-of-a-book rather-than-leaves-of-a-tree person, you can still take it outside and appreciate the spectacle of green going on right here, right now. Our own energy levels rise in May, too, and with it, our spirits – no wonder this month has long been a time when people gather in celebration. Eat, drink and even sleep outdoors when you can and feel the connection to our ancestors and to nature. It’s the simplest thing of all.

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