The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 132 June

LINGER – Mango fever & cucumber coolers. The magic of dawn & twilight. Growing meadow botanicals. Mellow rice paella. Sew-your-own cossie. Why we love a bench. How festivals happened. Roses. Swedish midsummer cake & meadowsweet schnapps. Gardens for rain or shine. Following ley lines & holloways.

Before the holidays begin, before embracing summer adventures, before hot and sticky afternoons, there is June. We sense that the season is still all there before us – and the possibilities that brings – but there’s no rush to do, well, much at all. To linger over an outdoor meal, to watch wildlife or lie among the daisies seem to need no justification in this stretchy time of midsummer. Even rising at first light feels easier and beguiling twilight entices you to stay outdoors, whether you’re at a festival, pottering round your garden or walking as the sun sets. And though we may have chores or stuff that needs doing, they seem somehow less pressing and give us time to notice the small things, enjoy nature and be still for a moment. Be grateful for June, it marks the turning point of the year, so what better time to let our thoughts, ideas and dreams put down roots as the sun shines.

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