The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 133 July

WAVE - Merry ferry rides & sea views. Watermelon slushies. Women of the ocean.
Picnics with pals. The pleasures of PYO. Why we love a deckchair. Flower farm glamping. Ginger beer prawns. Sling-it-all-in totes. Meadowsweet tart. Games in the park. Magical grasshoppers. What do with anger. Honey bees & honesty boxes

 At the seaside, waves can be fun or fearsome but they are also mesmeric, rolling in a metronomic sequence that make the shoreline a soothing place for contemplation and somewhere to clear the head. Often the backdrop to our holidays, maybe that’s why we come home refreshed and full of plans… There are waves on land too, as the grains and grasses of almost-ready-to-harvest fields catch the breeze and we talk of seas of lavender and waves of bees as they pollinate and gather nectar. There’s more; we wave to greet people and to say goodbye, expressing friendliness and fondness in a single gesture. And in yet another twist we ‘make waves’ when we dare to challenge the status quo, to speak out and protest. What an evocative word this is, and it feels like a good one to embrace in summer, providing food for thought while we while away an afternoon in a deckchair or gaze at the water on a ferry crossing. The common thread is that waves suggest movement – fitting for July, which sees us making journeys and exploring new places. This is the month of pick-your-own and park games, of joining in and helping out while the sun shines. Busy then, but beautiful if we stop now and again to notice.

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