The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 136 October


To the woods! Harvest honesty boxes. Goldfinches & teasels. Hazelnut custard. The science of autumn. Appreciating folk art. Stories of fairy tales. Bobbing apples cake. A season for letting go. Making dens & carving pumpkins. Squash polenta gnocchi. The art of code cracking. Treehouse adventure. How to win at conkers. Grow your own loofah.
We reap what we sow, we’re told, and in this harvest season that truism brings a literal cornucopia to enjoy now and to preserve for the months to come. Nature is also thinking ahead, producing seeds and seedheads, treasured by wildlife and also by us to squirrel away, ready to sow again next spring. It’s a bustling, productive time but never too busy to be beautiful. Autumn colours are always worth abandoning the to-do list for, taking a moment to revel in the glorious reds, oranges and golds that arrive without fail as the season marches on. Our own seeds are plans and ideas; too often they fail to germinate but when that happens we have to learn to let go and resolve to prepare the ground differently next time to coax them into life. Autumn is both an end – and a beginning.

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