The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 137 November

THREAD – A cosy crafternoon. Hot turmeric tipple. Lost apples & forgotten words. Appreciating patchwork. Stories of spices. How to remember storylines. Why animal therapy works. A welsh retreat house. Stir-up Sunday magic. Towpath roving. Butter chicken pie & ginger jaggery pudding. Jarvis Cocker’s jumble sale joy. Fleeting art & Hawthorn ink. Garden like a herbivore.

It’s time to reframe November. Think of it as a month of riches and warmth instead of a waiting room for winter and you’ll find the best of autumn treasure; bonfires and spices, jumble sales and patchwork, candles and fruitcake. For those of us whose spirits sink once the clocks go back, it’s simply a few weeks before the cheery festivities begin that requires the stitching together of a plan. To help, find a colourful thread to hold on to as all around grows dark and cold. This might be literally threading a needle to sew (or using one to knit or weave) but could also mean pulling together any loose ends – maybe rekindle a friendship or discover more about your family, home and neighbourhood. There are rituals woven into our year that connect us to our ancestors. Making your pudding on Stir-up Sunday and gathering to watch the flames and fireworks on Bonfire Night are unbroken threads, passed down through the generations. Carrying the torch of tradition is a beautiful and precious thing and, in turn, carries us through difficult times and darker days. 

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